What It’s Like To Do A Homestay In The Peruvian Andes


Utilizing the resources of nature available at our disposal, we decided to harvest and chew a few coca leaves which are typically used to rejuvenate the body, a priceless commodity on the enervating and enjoyable expedition. Soon the right half of my dentition was completely unable to feel any sensation with grinded coca leaves still in my mouth. The numbness we felt was very much anticipated, as Angelito our local tour guide made available a bag that was passed around everyone in the bus so we could spit the leftovers from the coca leaves. The journey was characterized by a mixture of fear and excitement with an expected exhaustion and heaviness like a herd of alpacas rested on my chest. The feeling was quite understandable as we were at 14000 feet. We eventually touched ground at Arequipa where we had a bus waiting. We all got into the bus and began an exploration of the terrain. I began to feel a great relief from the tiredness which suggested that I was gradually began to adjust to the environment. The scenery of Arequipa is uniquely spectacular and nearly unbelievable. The sudden faintness I felt made me contemplate whether I was maladjusted and had a slight hypoxia but I was just captivated by the incredible sight.